2mm Pinfire Pen Gun, Berloque

2mm Pinfire Pen Gun Pin Fire Pengun

Miniature 2mm Pinfire Pen Gun / Cap Gun

Thank you to
everyone for the wonderful compliments on my miniature work! 
I truly appreciate them!   Thank You! 

Please just click on the photos below to view them larger, clicking on the "arrows" to view the next photo; and then click on the "X" on the far right to bring you back to this Home Page.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!  You have found my site where I used to offer for commission  one of my Original Custom Designed Miniature 2mm Pin Fire Pistols / Cap Guns.... my Miniature 2mm Pinfire Pen Gun!  Unfortunately, due to new developments in my work and personal life, I currently do not have time to properly focus on making these great little collectable pinfires, and am not taking any reserved commission work at this time.  But I have left this site up for you to view and contact me if you would happen to be interested in being put on a "waiting list" for one of my miniature Pen Guns when I am able to find time to work on them (my apologies, I do not have an estimated date at which I will be starting again).  Please check back the first of each month for updates.  Thank you very much for your time and kind understanding.

Until that time, please feel free to check out my other sites for some very cool items, like Berloque Pinfire Pistol & Flare Sets at
www.BerloqueAndXythos.com  , and www.PennyKnife.com for a very SMALL knife made out of a PENNY!  Hopefully soon I will be adding more of my Customized Berloque and Xythos to my BerloqueAndXythos.com site, along with more of my Original Designed 2mm Pin fires, like my 2mm Pinfire Pen Gun / Pengun ... and MORE.  If you or anyone you know are a Mini Firearm or Knife Collector, or just like MINIS, please check them out.

This tiny Pinfire Pen Gun fires the little 2mm Pinfire Berloque "CAPS / BLANKS".  
It is also 24K Gold  Plated!  It is a collectable "Toy/Novelty/Miniature Cap/Blank Gun" not regulated as a "firearm", by the BATF, and therefore can be bought and sold by anyone 18 years or older.  Even though it is a "Cap Gun", as with ALL TOY GUNS it should still never be pointed at anyone/thing, and should be treated just like a real gun.  Thank You.

Only a hand-full of people in the WORLD own one.  I am pleased and honored to say it was featured in the July 2010 issue of the Miniature Arms Journal, published by the Miniature Arms Society http://www.miniaturearms.com/ . I hope everyone enjoys this little pistol / cap gun as well. 

When I am able to begin making these collectable pinfires once again, this site will allow you to commission me to make one Custom 24K Gold Plated Pen Gun Cap Gun almost identical to the one shown in the photos (multiple photos of the same cap gun).   You will then be placed in line for the Custom Work, which could take upwards of 3 months to complete (due to working on them during my free time, which is very little, lol).

This is my original design;
you will not find a Miniature 2mm Pen Gun of this design anywhere else in the WORLD!  It will be Signed, Dated the Month made, Serial Numbered (on the outside of the upper half, under the Clip/Hammer), and will come with a Wood Presentation Box (similar to the one shown until I run out of them, then will be a different box), Custom Pushrod, Custom Display Stand (signed and serial #ed to match), and a tube of 10 Blanks (until unavailable).  The over all length is only 3" long!  YEP!  Three inches long!  It uses the same "Berloque" blanks/caps as 2mm Berloque cap guns.  It will not be fired, but tested for proper function, and will be made by me, here in the USA.  Each will be unique, no mass production here!

This is my generation 2 design, and will have my newly designed hammer-spring system; the body is 7/32" OD and only 3" long, made of solid brass, through bore, 24K Gold Plated with black enamel highlights (rings and carved scroll clip tip), 24K Gold Plated stainless steel pins (they will not deform with use, as brass pins do).  The Hammer is the "Clip", which is cocked by rocking it back almost 90 degree. It must be cocked to unscrew the Barrel, load, screw back together, then fire by slightly pushing the "Clip/Hammer" forward, which then cams over using the spring tension, firing the blank.   Sometimes, due to how stubborn the tiny 2mm Pin Fire Blanks are to fire, the "Clip/Hammer" may have to be "thumped/flicked" forward to make the blank fire (just like you would "flick" something with your finger).  Although I do not "test fire" your Pen Gun with a cap, I do "dry fire" it to test for proper function.  I personally like to keep my collectable "unfired", boosting its value, but it is functional if one chooses to actually fire it... it will fire a blank / cap... and is definitely louder than you would imagine ... watch for my videos coming soon.  It will also come with instructions and a Signed Certificate of Authenticity.   

As soon as I am offering them again, there will be a "Shopping Cart" button which will allow you to place an order.  Until then, this site is for informational purpose only;  please, no orders at this time. The cost of one of my Custom Made 2mm Pinfire Miniature Pen Gun will be only $265.00 (with FREE S&H worldwide).  Once you have placed an order, you will be put in line for the Custom Work, normally taking up to two months for completion (I appreciate your understanding and patience).   

As with my other sites and Custom Work, I am doing this as a labor of love!  Not a business.  Happy to share my work with the collecting world!  Therefore, I am very limited on time to reply to emails, pack & ship, and make my miniature firearms.  I am strictly email based (mainly due to being gone early, home late, and almost zero cell phone service in between... working 4 jobs... Machine Shop, Family Farm, Custom Shop Work, and Home Life, which is truly a "job" in itself lol).  Please know that I will email you as soon as possible (sometimes taking over a week to reply) and I will start your Custom  Work as soon as possible once I start again (taking up to three (3) months to complete your custom pinfire), and ship your items as soon as possible, normally within 5 days of your order for items that are in stock, shipping Custom Orders as soon as completed.  PLEASE, if you are in a HURRY for this great little Pen Gun or any other item, just know that I will do my best, but can not promise a delivery any faster than a week  for instock items here in the USA, that accounts for processing the order and USPS shipping time, or up to several weeks for world wide buyers.  I hate to lose possible customers due to this fact, but that is how it is, and I let you know up front.  It is just me here, a one-man-show.  LOL!  And I appreciate your time and understanding! 

Thank you for looking at my Original Design Miniature 2mm Pinfire Pengun / Capgun.  I truly appreciate your time!  Have a great day, and Enjoy!

Neither the maker or seller of this Miniature Pinfire Cap Gun assumes any responsibility for the use or misuse of this item.  No warranty or guarantee is offered other than a full refund if not satisfied upon receipt and item is returned in NEW unfired condition.  Buyer must check all local and federal laws concerning the ownership of "Cap Guns / Blank Guns" before purchase.  Neither the maker or seller is responsible for purchaser's local or federal legalities.  Must be 18 to order.  Thank You.
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